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An Exhibition of CHEN CHAO-PAO at Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Chen Chao-pao is a very distinctive contemporary artist in Taiwan. He combines comics, ink paintings and mixed media colours with Western and Eastern philosophies. His works are full of the artist's endless creative energy and strong personal characteristics.
At the peak of his artistic career, for the pursuit of art, Chen Chao-pao resolutely moved to Paris in 1983 to submerge himself in the world of Western art. During the two decades he lived in Paris, he met with contemporary art masters Aviti, Jean Dubuffit, Zabo, Trémois, etc. It opened up communication and expand a broader artistic vision. Chen Chao-pao held several exhibitions in Germany, the United States, France, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and other places that won him wide international recognition. His work was also invited to be exhibited at the Beijing International Art Biennale (Colour and Olympics) during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
In 2002, he returned to Taiwan to settle and taught at the National Taiwan University of the Arts to cultivate new artists. After being immersed extensively in the environments of Paris and Taiwan where he began his artist career, Chen Chao-pao's has developed its unique artistic style. In 2009, French art critic Christophe Comentale listed Chen Chao-pao as one of the most representative Chinese artists living in France in the 20th century. The book "100 Years of Taiwanese Masters of Fine Arts" also published a book for him.
The exhibition of Chen Chao-pao's Art World hosted by the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall will be from 26 March to 3 May. Chen Chao-pao’s wonderful painting career will be presented in its entirety, from early cartoons, sketches and ink paintings to the cultural impact of his travels to France, and the series of "Resurrection", "Mask", "Landscape" and other series after returning to Taiwan, as well as the maturing Chinese landscape painting in Western artistic techniques, demonstrate the endless imaginative artistic language of Chen Chao-pao.

Exhibition Information
Exhibition: 26 March to 3 May 2021, 9:00-18:00
Opening Reception: 27 March 14:30
Venue: Chung-shan Gallery, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
Panel Discussion: 10 April 2021 14:30


Acrylic on canvas|2019|65x81 cm


Mountain in Autumn
Mixed media on canvas|2012|116x90 cm


Oil on canvas|2006|100x60 cm

Private Collection
Exhibited at Beijing International Art Biennale 2008

Roaming in Art
Acrylic on canvas 2007 180x100 cm

Collection of Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Lone Journey
Mixed media on canvas|1990|72x90.5 cm

Collection of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts 
Mixed media on canvas|2003|162x130 cm

Private Collection
Buddha and Its Followers
Mixed media on canvas|2012|170x170 cm

Private Collection
Mixed media on canvas|2007|162x130 cm

Purchased from Christie's, Private Collection
Mixed media on paper|1998|140x74 cm

Colored ink on paper|1990 |64x90 cm


Golden Crane on One Foot
Mixed media on canvas|2016|72x60 cm

Beyond Love
Acrylic on canvas|2018|65x54 cm

Acrylic on canvas|2018|61x50 cm

Paying Respect to Song Huizong
Mixed media on canvas|2018|162x130 cm

Butterflies and Flowers
Mixed media on paper|2019|136x32 cm


Husband and Wife
Mixed media on paper|2020|136x64 cm

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